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BASIC course


First, dance is taught by breaking down the basic individual elements into smaller pieces to get people interested in dance.

It is important to correct existing improper postures and habits, and to

This is an education that places significance on experiencing the various elements that can be felt in the body and seeing them challenged.

Next, the vocalist blanks out his/her own voice and creates his/her own voice through breathing and vocalization, which is the easiest way to express oneself.


Let’s start with a casual basic course.

Let’s learn the steps, isolations, and other basic dance movements in order.

We will teach you how to correct your body habit and habits, and build a foundation for more advanced movements.

For vocals, first practice basic breathing and vocalization to check your voice.

Courses are available anytime.

Beginner Level

Instructor Feedback

Dance Lesson (12 lessons)

Vocal Lesson (12 lessons)

Let's build on the skills you learned in Basic and further develop your strengths. The goal is to improve your expressive ability in both dance and vocals.

Make yourself Appeal to the person in charge of the office.

School & Audition Flow


Take the BASIC/ADVANCE course

The basics /Advance of both vocal and dance are very important. We will proceed in an easy-to-understand

manner for beginners, so don't worry.

We will be easy to understand for beginners, so please feel free to practice.

Experienced dancers can also go back to the basics to further improve their skills.


Submit an evaluation video

Submit an appeal video while taking the course. There will be an evaluation video assignment at the end of

the course.


Final Evaluation

The instructor will check the submitted appeal and evaluation videos.

Both will be deployed to the office's newcomer development staff.


Office Feedback

Instructor evaluations are compiled into SOL's original transcript and delivered to the student.


Scouting from the office

The office staff will check the appeal video and evaluation video from time to time.

Notification of acceptance will be sent to students through STAGE8+.


The lesson will be conducted in Korean for the video audio and
Korean and English for the subtitles.

The video can be viewed for 120 days.

You can freely play and stop the videos. Please take lessons at
your convenience.

Videos cannot be downloaded. Please watch them by streaming. Illegal copying and distribution is a serious illegal act.

The course curriculum is sequential. Taking the lessons in order is
the fastest way to improve.

Lessons are not sold individually.

After purchasing, please access the videos from My Page. Please
check My Page for announcements and other information.


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